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Frequently Asked Questions

Is logos a rhetorical device?

Therefore, logos is one of the rhetorical devices that refer to logic and reason . One of the types of rhetorical devices is pathos, and it is a technique that appeals to the reader's emotions. Since people are unique beings, they have feelings and emotions.

How to find logos in writing?

In terms of Aristotle, logos rests in the written words of the writing that speak for themselves. Logos is not achieved by the author's mere presentation of logic; rather, it is achieved when readers can comprehend and get convinced by the argument based upon valid reasoning.

Which statement uses logos as a rhetorical appeal?

From the options given, option D is the one that uses logos as a rhetorical appeal because this includes numerical data "If the food bank collects one hundred more cans" to prove something is true, and therefore the focus is logic or facts, which are related to the logos appeal. Answer from: stressedstudent6402 SHOW ANSWER

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