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Frequently Asked Questions

Which logo format do you give to clients?

Logo Files for Clients: Formats To Send Each Client Editable Formats/Source Files. First and foremost, your client is going to need editable files, otherwise known as source files. ... Color Variations. It's always good practice to send your client three variations of their logo - full color, black, and white. Transparent Backgrounds. ... JPEG. ... Fonts. ... Logo Format Guide. ... Recap. ... Logo Files for Clients. ...

What file format should Your logo be?

What file format should your logo be? Raster Graphics. The most common images that people are familiar with are raster images. ... JPEG. The JPEG (or JPG) file format is ideal for the use of photography and images that contain intricate colors. GIF. ... PNG. ... Vector Graphics. ...

What is EPs of a logo?

EPS is a versatile vector file that is based on math calculations to scale the logo up or down without a loss in quality. EPS files are typically created using Adobe Illustrator. Designers can use this file format to make other formats for you in the future.

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