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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install LogMeIn?

Install LogMeIn for Android directly to your device from Google Play. Your device must meet the requirements shown in the store listing. On your Android device, tap Google Play. Search for LogMeIn. Tap LogMeIn. Follow all on-screen instructions.

How to use logmein123?

How to use: 1) Install the application 2) Launch the application from 3) Enter the six digit pin code given to you by your support technician 4) Allow your trusted support technician to connect to your device About LogMeIn Rescue LogMeIn Rescue is a powerful, easy-to-use remote support solution for PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and more.

How much does LogMeIn cost?

With prices beginning from just $30 per month, LogMeIn Pro is a surprisingly affordable remote access software solution. But, there have been price rises in recent years, and higher cost Pro plans run to $70 per month and $129 per month – meaning per user costs of $350 to $1,540 per year.

What is LogMeIn Rescue applet?

Services: Remote Support (LogMeIn Rescue) LogMeIn Rescue is a tool that LTS support technicians use to access remote computers and mobile devices. LogMeIn Rescue is safe and secure. All communication between the customer and the technician is SSL-encrypted. Follow one of the following instructions to download and start the LogMeIn Rescue Applet ...

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