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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LogMeIn Rescue safe?

LogMeIn Rescue is a tool that technicians use to access remote computers and mobile devices. LogMeIn Rescue is safe and secure. All communication between the customer and the technician is SSL-encrypted.

Does LogMeIn have free version?

Free services are fading with every passing day. The latest to go is the remote connection service LogMeIn Ignition, which has offered a free version of its service for the last 10 years. Users could pay for additional features, but basic use was covered for free.

What is support Log Me in rescue?

Log Me In Rescue is a software program developed by LogMeIn. It adds registry entry for the current user which will allow the program to automatically start each time it is rebooted. Upon being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is designed to run continuously in the background.

What is LogMeIn app?

LogMeIn is a smooth-running, professional-level remote access app for Windows and macOS PCs that also offers flexible file-sharing features, including a cloud-storage feature not available with similar services we've reviewed.

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