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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Logitech z333 and z533 speakers?

As a bonus, the subwoofer on the Z533 is the biggest one with a capacity of 30W compared to the 24W on the Z333 and Z337. With more power and a bigger size, there is a harder bass. When you see the Logitech Z533, you are simply not prepared for the amount of bass coming from these desktop speakers.

How does loglogitech z337 work?

Logitech replaced the conventional controls on the satellites with a wired remote attached to the back of the subwoofer. The controller is handy as you can turn the speakers off/on, start Bluetooth pairing, or control the volume. The Z337 also comes with a total power of 40W – 8W per satellite, plus a fantastic 24W subwoofer.

What is the power output of the z333?

The Z333 delivers 40W RMS and 80W peak power with its dual 8W satellite speakers and 24W subwoofer for crisp, clear sound that adds another dimension to videos, games, music, and more. Power, volume, and a 3.5mm headphone jack are all easily accessible via the wired control pod, while bass levels are adjusted using a control knob on the subwoofer.

Which z333 speakers have the biggest subwoofers?

With the bronze/gold color contrast, you’ll get a sense as they are premium computer speakersIn terms of size, the Z333 speakers have the biggest satellites, as they also have a subwoofer-like hole on the top. However, the Z533 speakers have the biggest subwoofer that provides an extra oomph for the money.

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