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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up g923 on PC?

Whilst the G923 isn't natively supported yet, you can still set it up to work. I'm assuming you're on PC here as the console versions should just work automatically. You'll need to go to the Control Settings and edit the G923 wheel that you'll see in the list.

How to setup g923 PC?

Attach power adapter and USB cables as shown Every time your racing wheel connects with your system, it will rotate fully to each side and then to the center to calibrate Your wheel will be ready once this calibration is completed For PC to enable the force feedback and RPM LED features on your G923 Wheel and Pedals you must install the Logitech G HUB software This can be found at logitechG com/ support/g923-ps4 TRUEFORCE and advanced features require game integration Visit logitechG com/support/G923-ps4 for a complete list of supported games

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