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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I uninstall Logitech G25 from Windows 10?

"Right clicked logitech profiler icon on task bar (the profiler was not open) and click exit. Go to Device Manager and the G25 was under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, I right clicked to uninstall. Under Human Interface Devices and on list I found 2 x Logitech Virtual HID devices that were not related to logitech keyboards or mouse.

What is the driver G25 Racing Wheel software?

This software works exclusively for the owenser of the G25 model, which is no longer available for sale. The Driver G25 Racing Wheel gives you a new experience in your driving video games giving a steady grip and almost real driving feeling, it has the possibility to add the three professional drivers pedals and the handle stick.

How to get Logitech G25 to show up on 510?

Restarted computer without the G25 USB connected, ran the 510 software from this website (x64 for my system). Opened it and it ran to completion, then opened the Logitech Profiler and then plugged in my wheel and the G25 became visible.

What is loglogitech G?

Logitech G provides gamers of all levels with industry-leading keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads and simulation products such as wheels and flight sticks - made possible through innovative design, advanced technologies and a deep passion for gaming.

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