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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Logitech mice good?

Overall, Logitech makes very solid mice that are some of the best-performing mice we've tested. The Logitech Gaming branch makes amazing gaming mice and are pioneers in improving wireless technologies. However, they still make very good wired mice.

How does a Logitech wireless mouse work?

Your Logitech wireless optical mouse gives you precise cursor control whether you're working on the office computer or using a laptop in a meeting. The mouse connects to your computer wirelessly via a USB receiver. If you have a connection problem, the mouse cursor may move slowly or erratically.

Does Logitech mouse work on Mac?

The Logitech website does not indicate that the G5 will work on a Mac. The support page only shows Windows operating systems and the manual for that model does not mention Mac. I did see that the Logitech mouse software required to set up this mouse is called Set Point so the LCC software probably won't do much either.

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