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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to an FBISD Academy?

Use your student's FBISD login and password to apply to an academy. If your student is NOT a current FBISD student at ANY campus, select "I am NOT currently enrolled in FBISD" above. If you or your student is a current FBISD student at ANY campus, YOU MUST select "I am a current FBISD Student or Administrator" above.

How do I Find my FBISD username and password?

When prompted to search for your school or organization you will type in "FBISD". If you need your Username/Password, have your parent/guardian on record log in to Family Access Portal with their credentials and click on the following link for the Instructions for Family Access–Student Password Information.

Who is the 2021 FBISD teacher of the year?

Rosa Castille of Colony Bend Elementary named the 2021 FBISD Elementary Teacher of the Year. Sherman Batiste of Elkins High School named the 2021 FBISD Secondary Teacher of the Year. strong character, and is...

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