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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Manila City ready for a lockdown due to Delta variant?

“The Manila City government is now preparing for a possible implementation of a lockdown in the nation’s capital amid the rise of cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant in the country,” MPIO said in a statement.

What are the covid-19 restrictions in the Philippines?

MANILA, June 29 (Reuters) - President Rodrigo Duterte has prolonged restrictions on movement and businesses in the Philippine capital and nearby provinces until mid-July, and retained stricter COVID-19 curbs in central and southern areas, an official said on Tuesday.

Can the government afford to impose a wide lockdown?

President Rodrigo Duterte, during his final State of the Nation Address on Monday, said the government can no longer afford to impose a wide lockdown. However, he said it may be possible if the Delta variant continues to spread across the country.

How long did it take to fix Lockdown last year?

He said the government enforced a lockdown last year when cases were just hovering around 2,000 so fixing it only took two weeks of modified enhanced community quarantine. On the other hand, the lockdown earlier this year took two months because the government waited for cases to soar to 4,000.

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