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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business location?

A business location is defined as a place or structure occupied by a firm to run its operations. This includes any structure or establishment used in conducting a business. Business operational cost - the daily costs incurred to run your business Business location factors that influence the choice of a business location can be broadly grouped into:

What is a business office space?

Definition: The physical space where your business exists. What realtors say about residential real estate also applies to many small businesses--that the three most important considerations are location, location, location.

What is the meaning of location?

English Language Learners Definition of location : a place or position : a place outside a studio where a movie is filmed : the act of finding where something or someone is : the act of locating something or someone

What is the designated place of business within the home?

The designated place of business within the home must be used exclusively and regularly for the performance and administration of the taxpayer's business. There can be no other location where the taxpayer substantially performs these operations.

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