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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clear local storage in JavaScript?

How to Clear Local Storage JavaScript How to Clear Local Storage JavaScript There is a simple way of o resetting a browser's localStorage using its clear () method. Just invoke the clear () of the Storage interface method, and it will clear the whole storage of all records for that specific domain:

How do I delete all items in localStorage?

Use the clear() method to delete all items in localStorage. This method, when invoked, clears the entire storage of all records for that domain. It does not receive any parameters.

How to get items from localStorage in JavaScript?

To get items from localStorage, use the getItem() method. getItem() allows you to access the data stored in the browser’s localStorage object. getItem() accepts only one parameter, which is the key, and returns the value as a string. This returns a string with value as: To use this value, you would have to convert it back to an object.

How do I remove a key from a storage object?

The removeItem () method of the Storage interface, when passed a key name, will remove that key from the given Storage object if it exists. The Storage interface of the Web Storage API provides access to a particular domain's session or local storage. If there is no item associated with the given key, this method will do nothing.

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