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Frequently Asked Questions

How to file a lobbyist registration?

Lobbyist Registrations and Expenditures must be completed and submitted electronically. All registering entities must designate a single individual as the entity's authorized agent. The authorized agent must be registered as a system user and is responsible for the submission of all filings. If you are not a registered user, Register now.

Do I have an obligation to register as a lobbyist?

Who exactly must register? Most often lobbyists must file registration paperwork. However, some states require those who hire lobbyists, sometimes called “principals,” to file either in addition to lobbyists or instead of them. The definitions of “lobbying” and “lobbyist” also may vary.

Do you need to register as a lobbyist?

You may be required to register as a lobbyist regardless of whether you are receiving compensation for your services. Persons who confine their activities to formal appearances before legislative committees and who clearly identify themselves and the interest or interests for whom they are testifying are not required to register as lobbyists.

Who do lobbyists have to register with?

Lobbying firms and lobbyist employers register with the Office of the Secretary of State. Lobbyists do not independently register apart from their affiliated firm or employer. Rather, lobbyists supply a certification statement to be included with their own firm's or employer's registration.

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