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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lobbies mean?

lob·by (lŏb′ē)·bies 1. A hall, foyer, or waiting room at or near the entrance to a building, such as a hotel or theater. 2. A public room next to the assembly chamber of a legislative body. 3.

What is the plural of lobbies?

plural of lobby; Synonyms: foyers, halls, vestibules, ... “Targeted at the upper segment of society, the journal can be found in hotel lobbies and airport lounges besides news-stands and bookstores. ...

What does lobbying mean politically?

lobbying, any attempt by individuals or private interest groups to influence the decisions of government; in its original meaning it referred to efforts to influence the votes of legislators, generally in the lobby outside the legislative chamber. Lobbying in some form is inevitable in any political system.

What are lobbyists job?

Whether working for a large corporation or a small civic group, lobbyists’ main job is to promote their clients’ agenda. They want to gain legislators’ support to propose, pass, amend or defeat legislation or change existing laws and regulations. The type of client lobbyists work for affects the specific tasks that they do.

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