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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a power outage in Lassen County?

Customers of Lassen Municipal Utility District are being advised to prepare for a power outage that may last as long as 24-hours or more. “At approximately 7:00p.m Honey Lake Power experienced an equipment failure causing a system-wide outage for Lassen Municipal Utility District,” explains LMUD Public Relations Manager Theresa Philips.

What is the status of PG&E's power outages in lmud?

As of this morning, the situation remains the same. Barring any catastrophic event, LMUD will continue to receive emergency power from PG&E. Customers can expect intermittent power as long as LMUD is receiving the emergency power. There is still no estimated time of full restoration.

Is the power on at lmud?

LMUD will be energizing portions of our system for short periods of time. Due to the limited amount of power available, power will be on intermittently throughout today and into tonight. HLP is still working on testing equipment and starting the power plant. If they are able to stabilize their plant, we may be able to re-energize our system.

Can lmud start the HLP plant without power from PG&E?

However, they are not able to start the plant without power from PG&E. “LMUD’s operations center is working with PG&E and HLP to coordinate efforts to provide HLP with enough power to test the repaired equipment and hopefully restart the plant,” explains LMUD Public Relations Manager Theresa Philips.

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