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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LMU a good school?

LMU has the best views in LA. With a beautiful campus, helpful professors, and a great location, LMU has it all! Not always organized, at least in regards to covid, but staff truly wants what’s best for their students. Lots of opportunities to network and learn just wish they were more helpful with financial aid.

How much is tuition per semester at Louisiana State University?

Louisiana Resident Tuition Per Semester: $4,019: Louisiana Resident Total Cost Per ...

How much does it cost for tuition at Temple University?

This fee is comprised of $16,080 for tuition, $14,484 room and board, $1,479 for books and supplies and $890 for other fees. Out of state residents are charged a total cost of $48,283 which is 36.5% higher than Pennsylvania residents.

What is the average cost of college tuition?

That territory often comes with additional demands from regulators and well-intentioned Department of Education edicts, again resulting in higher costs for students and their families. Most colleges today operate their own systems of justice to comply with ...

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