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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LMU stand for?

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) is a private liberal arts university in Harrogate, Tennessee. LMU's 1,000-acre (4.0 km 2) campus borders on Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

What is the LMU communication and media program?

Sports highlights gathered by students in the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) Communication and Media (CAM) program were broadcast by television stations across the region. Their work became news as the students worked with local high schools and regional network affiliates to provide high school football footage.

Why choose an LMU education?

An LMU education prepares students to thrive as global citizens, successful professionals, and well-rounded men and women for others. We take pride in developing students into alumni who go on to become ethical business leaders, engaging artists, and respected scholars.

Does LMU have a football program?

LMU does not have a football program, though it did have one in the past. Other sports formerly offered at LMU include fencing and tumbling. Athletics have been a part of LMU since 1907, when baseball was first organized on campus.

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