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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study at LMU extension?

At LMU Extension our goal is to provide adult learners – at whatever stage of life they may be – with adaptable opportunities for the development of their imagination, conscience, and intellect through professional development programs offered on campus, online, and in the community.

Who are some of the faculty at LMU?

LMU Faculty List. 1 Abe, Jennifer. Professor of Psychology. Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. view profile. 2 Abrams, Richard. 3 Acevedo, Rebeca. 4 Aceves, Terese C. 5 Acker, Shane. More items

Who is Loyola Marymount University's Provost?

Branden joined Loyola Marymount University as associate provost in June 2015, where he leads the LMU Career and Professional Development team.

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