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Frequently Asked Questions

What must Liverpool do to win the Premier League?

What Liverpool need to do to win the Premier League againUnleash the supporting cast. Liverpool ’s starting XI has largely been fixed in place for the best part of two years now, but that may need to change for the ...Overcoming a difficult start. Liverpool won eight games in a row to start last season, and if they do the same again this season they will give themselves the perfect ...Tactical flexibility. ...

Are Liverpool pretty much already Premier League champions?

Yet it remains the year Liverpool became Premier League champions for the first time in three decades. It was the moment everyone of us had yearned for, and remained in the weirdest of circumstances. We’ve decided to make some festive predictions for 2021, all entirely hopeful but not entirely impossible (what is after this year, right?)

Will Liverpool win the Premier League title?

Who are the underdogs to win the Premier League? Liverpool are 5/1 (6.0) win just their second-ever Premier League title after the successes of their 2019 triumph.

Did Liverpool ever win Premier League?

They won their first double of league championship and FA Cup in 1986, and during the 2000–01 season they won another treble, this one consisting of the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup. Liverpool won their first Premier League trophy in the 2019–20 season under Jürgen Klopp .

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