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Frequently Asked Questions

How to view all colormaps available in Matplotlib?

plt.colormaps () returns a list of all registered colormaps. From the docs: matplotlib.pyplot.colormaps () Matplotlib provides a number of colormaps, and others can be added using register_cmap (). This function documents the built-in colormaps, and will also return a list of all registered colormaps if called.

How to set plot background color in Matplotlib?

set_facecolor () method in the axes module is used to change or set the background color of the plot. It is used to set the face color of the figure or we can say the axes color of the plot. Pass the argument as a color name that you want to set. color: specify the name of the color you want to set.

How to list all axes that exist in Matplotlib?

matplotlib.figure.Figure.get_axes () method. The get_axes () method figure module of matplotlib library is used to get the list of axes in the Figure. Syntax: get_axes (self) Parameters: This method does not accept any parameters. Returns: This method returns a list of axes in the Figure.

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