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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you write lyrics for Lalisa?

LISA explained to Billboard, "I don't write lyrics, but Teddy [Park] always asks me, 'Do you have anything you want to deliver to the fans? What's the vibe you want to do?' I told him that in 'LALISA', I wanted to put some Thai vibes in it, and he actually put some Thai traditional music into the dance break.

Does Lisa Lisa’s ‘Lalisa’ have Thai words in it?

Though the single “Lalisa” doesn’t include any Thai lyrics, Lisa confirmed that she did include several lyrics in the song, which is in Korean and English, that honor her Thai heritage. “There’s a part in Korean where I say, “I came to Korea from Thailand, and I went for the throat.” That’s the part where the Thai element is in,” she said.

Did Blackpink’s Lisa write the song “Thai”?

That’s the part where the Thai element is in,” she said. While she didn’t write the lyrics, Lisa confirmed that she asked the song’s writer, Teddy, who has written several of BLACKPINK’s hits, to make sure that her Thai background was represented.

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