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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between lifestyle and routine activity theory?

Lifestyle and routine activity theories both view victimization through the lens of the convergence a motivated offender, an attractive target/victim, and the absence of capable guardianship. These theories differ, however, in how they view the behaviors that put people at “risk” for victimization.

What is an example of routine activities theory?

In fact, routine activities theory was originally developed to explain direct contact predatory crimes, meaning crimes where an offender comes into direct physical contact with a victim. But it has since been applied to many more types of crimes, for example, drug dealing, cybercrime, and white-collar crime.

What is routine activity theory of victimization?

Where lifestyle theory conceives of risk in probabilistic terms (e.g., certain behaviors elevate one’s odds of being victimized), routine activity theory simply describes the victimization event itself (e.g., if the three key elements converge, victimization happens, yet if one of the elements is missing, victimization is avoided).

How is routine activities theory different from traditional criminological theory?

Summing up, routine activities theory has a different focus from traditional criminological theories. Whereas those are focused on why offenders are motivated for crime, routine activities theory is more focused on the other two elements, namely on the presence of suitable targets and guardianship.

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