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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we read books from any book apps on Kindle?

No, in Kindle you cannot read book from any other app. However, You can read the books stored in your Kindle device. These books can be either purchased from Amazon or you can dump your ebooks, PDF etc. by connecting to computer. DM me in case you need more details. Happy Reading ☺

Does the library offer ebooks for Kindle?

Library can't lend an eBook to Kindle user. ... But the library does have plans to offer eBooks on more devices. Although it will require new software that's still in development, the library ...

Where can I get free eBooks for Kindle?

SmashwordsGoodreads. Goodreads offers free direct downloads of some interesting titles. ...Manybooks. Manybooks has free downloads of classic and contemporary titles. DigiLibraries has a simple, if not exciting, site with 30,000 free ebooks in Kindle formats. ...Book Lending. Book Lending matches Kindle ebook loaners with borrowers. ...

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