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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of software engineering?

According to, the standard software engineering levels are as follows: Level 1 - Software Engineer Level 2 - Senior Engineer Level 3 - Staff Engineer (alternate: Senior Staff Engineer)

How much does a Microsoft software engineer make?

According to, which anonymously crowdsources salary data from various tech companies, the average Microsoft software engineer at level 62 earns a total of $182,158 per year: $137,737 in salary, $26,158 in stock, and a bonus of $18,263. That’s somewhat off from what the employees’ Google spreadsheet reported, but not wildly so.

What is a Level 1 software engineer?

Level 1 - Software Engineer. The Role: This position, sometimes called a Junior Software Engineer, is usually someone’s first full-time software engineering job. Engineers at this level are not expected to take much ownership over the company’s product.

What is the difference between a mid-level and high-level software engineer?

The highest level engineers find problems and focus teams on those problems. Mid-level engineers take those problems and find solutions. Mid-level software engineers then explain the solution to junior engineers. And junior engineers work on coding one piece of that solution. Engineers at this level are expected to be competent, but not experts.

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