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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Letraset system?

The original Letraset System comprised a library of transfer sheets that were pre-printed with fonts of alphabet letters. The majority of these typeface letter sheets were in sizes and fonts that were most frequently used – nowadays called true-type styles and point font sizes.

Can I order custom dry transfers for Letraset?

Now with the option of ordering custom dry transfers online, the possibilities for Letraset customization are endless. Image Transfers creates custom dry transfer letters to your precise specifications or when needed, we can create the artwork for you. Our dry transfers are freshly made.

Where can I buy Letraset fonts?

Letraset thus began releasing many fonts in formats such as PostScript . Fonts from designers such as Alan Meeks, Martin Wait, Tim Donaldson and David Quay were released, and many can be found on online retailers such as Fontshop. Some fonts retain 'Letraset' in their title, whereas others have been renamed by their new vendors such as ITC .

When did Letraset go public?

Letraset sheets were sold exclusively– you had to know someone to get them – and the company’s form of “Instant Lettering,” or rub-on transfer lettering, took the world by storm once it was perfected. In a very short time, the company went public in 1963.

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