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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the legs hurt below the knees?

Leg pain can strike anytime. Specific pain below the knee may be caused by factors such as anatomical weakness, daily activity and stress, and individual levels of fitness. The entire knee joint is susceptible to accidents and overuse, so knowing the exact cause of pain is helpful in controlling it.

Why does my leg hurt below the knee?

knee bursitis, which may cause swelling, warmth, and pain over or below the knee osteoarthritis, which causes diffuse knee pain, swelling, and stiffness in the morning injury or trauma to the knee joint or ligaments, which may cause sharp pain, swelling, and difficulty moving the knee

How to fix sore legs?

You will need to soak your feet for 20-30 minutes in a solution of 60-100g of Epsom salts in a foot bath of warm-hot water. Massaging your leg muscles using a cayenne (capsaicin) based heat balm or gel will help to increase circulation and minimise pain and stiffness.

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