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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training for supervisors in Spanish bilingual?

The video lessons are in Spanish with subtitles in English, and all the handouts, exercises and tests are bilingual. “Training for Supervisors in Spanish Ensures Better Understanding and Better Performance!”

Is online training for supervisors in Spanish worth the investment?

Typically, the investment in an Online Training for Supervisors in Spanish is far less than the time spent dealing with the conflict, especially considering the lost profit or opportunity cost for actions not taken due to this distraction.

What do Hispanics want from managers and supervisors?

As managers and supervisors, we may be used to catching employees doing something wrong. Generally, Hispanics are more interested in developing a long term relationship, a relationship based on trust and respect. From hard worker to a respectable and effective leader. His manager decided to offer Juan a lead position.

Who are the users of the Hispanic expert training program?

Created by a Hispanic expert trainer with more than 20 years of experience Used by Manufacturers, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Construction, Landscape Companies, Farmers and Other Industries.

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