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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is most at risk of lead poisoning?

Children are at greatest risk of lead poisoning from their homes. Most children are exposed to lead in dust (not by eating paint chips). Lead in home environments (continued) Lead in home dust The more lead in the dust in a home, the higher the levels of lead in children. There is no safe threshold for lead.

What happens if you are exposed to lead?

Inhalation of lead dust contributes to a build up in the body. Inhalation may be the major route for workers in lead-related occupations. Ingestion of certain home remedies. Ingestion of lead paint or inhalation of lead dust or fumes is a major source for children in the United States. How are people exposed to lead?

Is lead poisoning a notifiable disease in India?

WHO states that in the case of exposure to lead, it is not only the average level of lead in the blood that is important, but also the number of subjects whose blood level exceeds a certain value. Pb poisoning is a notifiable and compensatable disease in India since 1924.

What are the sources of lead?

SOURCE & USES •Lead (Pb) is a heavy metal •Occupational & Non-occupational sources •Main source of environmental (non-occupational) source of Pb is Gasoline •Also through drinking water from lead pipes, chewing lead paints on toys etc.. 4. Contd…

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