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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the LBC balikbayan box sizes?

Learn More About Our LBC Balikbayan Box Sizes and Prices LBC Express has various receptacles sizes and rates are computed by kg. Document Non-Document N PACK LARGE 18" 12" N PACK SMALL 14" 9.5" N POUCH REGULAR 11" 6.5" N POUCHS SS 18" 12" N POUCH XL 14" 9.25" V POUCH 14" 10.8" X PACK 21" 14" X POUCH 17" 10.5" KILO BOX LARGE

What do I need to know about my LBC Express Box?

LBC Express has various receptacles sizes and rates are computed by kg. Please ensure your boxes meet our 3-point security checklist! Ensure that boxes are not oversized/bulging. Ensure that the contents of the boxes are properly declared in the Packing List and Inventory Forms.

What is the best size box for shipping containers?

These common sizes factor in the best dimensions when loading shipping containers, which ultimately translates to better pricing for you. Star Kargo AZ provides mainly the Large or Jumbo balikbayan box (24″ x 24″ x 18″). We do stock some Extra Large boxes (24″ x 24″ x 24″) upon special request.

What is LBC shipping and how does it work?

This LBC service is ideal for online sellers and anyone who need to send multiple packages often. Rather than make frequent trips to an LBC branch, it helps save time and energy when shipping goods without leaving home. There’s no fee for booking a rider pick up online.

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