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Frequently Asked Questions

What to find at Lazio?

You will find items with long or short sleeves, suitable for training, for the match or for leisure time, for big and small fans. S.S. Lazio clothing is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to match on any occasion. The collection also dedicates ample space to accessories, must-have details that define your look or complete it.

What is the official Lazio Style 1900?

Lazio Style 1900 is the name of the Official Lazio stores. Lazio Style 1900 is a name that identifies the ideals and the guiding principles of a Company that makes of the tradition, innovation and the uniqueness its lifestyle.

What is the product code for SS Lazio Jersey?

SS Lazio Home Shirt 2020 2021Short Sleeves Gameday Jersey. S.s. Lazio And Macron Logos. Team Squad L.. Product Code: LZ19002Short sleeves gameday jersey. S.S. Lazio and Macron logos... Short sleeve race shirt.

What do Lazio football shirts look like?

The early Lazio shirts were divided into sky blue and white quarters and matched with black shorts and socks. For a period, they then wore a plain white shirt, but soon switched to the colour scheme they used today. Although they have, on occasion, worn a striped jersey, the classic shirt style is a simple sky blue shirt with a white trim.

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