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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you look at longitude or latitude first?

It does not matter whether you look at the lines of latitude or longitude first. Usually coordinates are written latitude, and then longitude.

What are the functions of latitude and longitude?

Latitude lines, which run horizontally around the Earth, allow mariners and pilots to know how far north or south they are from the equator, while longitude lines, which run vertically between the two poles, tell travelers how far east or west they are from the prime meridian. Latitude lines are spaced every 15 degrees between the equator and ...

What kind of people use longitude and latitude?

So many questions! Any job that needs a geographical reference. Most often, it is used by seafarers and aviators but then, anybody who needs to give a geographical position without a reference to a man-made object, needs to use latitude and longitude coordinates.

How do you do lattitude and longitude?

You can identify varying points of latitude and longitude on maps and then write them out. Latitude and longitude can be written using one line of latitude and one line of longitude. For more specific points of latitude and longitude, coordinates can be written using degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimals.

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