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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lisa's song 'Lalisa' mean?

Lyrically, the song showcases Lisa’s attitude, how she owns the vibe and be her attractive loving self, LALISA. In the music video, the choreography resembles Lisa’s name with hand symbols as a hand-shaped “L” with an “A” showing the start of “LALISA”. She is even seen wearing a grey beanie with her name on it.

Does Lisa Lisa’s ‘Lalisa’ have Thai words in it?

Though the single “Lalisa” doesn’t include any Thai lyrics, Lisa confirmed that she did include several lyrics in the song, which is in Korean and English, that honor her Thai heritage. “There’s a part in Korean where I say, “I came to Korea from Thailand, and I went for the throat.” That’s the part where the Thai element is in,” she said.

What is Lalisa?

“LALISA” marks LISA’s first solo release, and works as the leading track off her debut single album, LALISA, named after her real name—Lalisa Manoban. This upbeat… Read More I shake up the world (Hey!) What's my name? What's my name? (Hey!) What's my name? What's my name? Say, "Lalisa, love me, Lalisa, love me" (Hey!)

What is the release date of Lalisa lyrics?

LALISA Lyrics was released on September 10, 2021 with Music Video. Now you can enjoy it right below.

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