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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lake Washington School District?

Lake Washington School District Calendar: Lake Washington School District is a public school district located in King County, Washington, United States. It comes as the 4th largest school district in Redmond, Washington, United States.

When is open enrollment for Lake Washington schools?

Lake Washington Schools Open Enrollment Is February 1-26, 2021 Lake Washington School District Announces Pathway Forward Lake Washington School District Budget Earns Meritorious Budget Award for Fourth-Straight Year

What happens to LWSD students after high school?

of our students enter a 2– or 4–year college directly after high school. parents, students and community members who volunteer at LWSD. To engage our community, our district must be focused on strong partnerships, outstanding service and clear communication.

How many LWSD students earn perfect ACT scores?

– Sixteen LWSD students earn perfect ACT scores To continue growing as an organization, everyone must have access to learning opportunities that encourage ongoing growth and development. These programs are designed to meet the learning styles and needs of students with superior intellectual, academic, and creative abilities.

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