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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sub VI in LabVIEW programming?

Within LabVIEW, program modularity means creating smaller sections of code known as subVIs. A subVI is similar to a subroutine in text-based programming languages. The power of NI LabVIEW software lies in the modular nature of the VI.

How do references work in LabVIEW?

When you open a reference to an application, project, VI, or other reference source, LabVIEW allocates memory to store that reference. To free up the space in memory where LabVIEW stored the reference source, you must close the reference. It is always safe to close a reference when you no longer need it.

Can I use text based code in labveiw?

The Formula Node in LabVIEW software is a convenient, text-based node you can use to perform complicated mathematical operations on a block diagram using the C- syntax structure. It is most useful for equations that have many variables or are otherwise complicated. The text-based code simplifies the block diagram and increases its readability.

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