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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LabVIEW able to control external software?

LabVIEW should be able to extend the same level of control over an external program that any programming language could do. In other words, if Poser has either a command line interface or a callback DLL that allows external commands to be sent to it, then LVcan use that.

What can you do with LabVIEW?

Using NI LabVIEW, professors can easily create materials to effectively teach engineering topics, including circuits and controls. With LabVIEW, you can acquire and output real-world signals, analyze data for meaningful information; develop embedded or autonomous systems; and share results using displays, reports,...

Can I interface TeraTerm software with LabVIEW?

There is no interfacing support provided by TeraTerm software, which could be used to interface TeraTerm with LabVIEW. An alternative is to use system-exec node and pass the TeraTerm exe address to it.

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