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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an animated GIF in LabVIEW?

If you have software which allows you to create animated GIFs, try breaking the animation into its separate images and re-compiling them into a GIF. This will recreate the gif into a format that LabVIEW supports. Break the animation into its separate images and use a picture ring to animate them.

How do I add a GIF animation or other images?

How do I add a GIF animation or other images to my front panel or block diagram for use as a logo? Simply save the file onto your system and then drag and drop the saved file onto your front panel. Select Edit » Import Picture To Clipboard ... from the front panel.

What is the difference between animated GIF and picture file types?

Animated GIF files will appear animated immediately whereas other picture file types will directly show up on the front panel. Note: These are only available on the front panel and cannot be manipulated in the block diagram at run time. Aesthetic modifications like size and position can be made on the front panel in edit mode.

How can I read GIF files?

OpenG Picture package can read GIF files and return each frame of the GIF, along with the delay between images. Read more about OpenG here: OpenG Libraries - OpenG

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