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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LabVIEW a server?

Although LabVIEW is not a .NET server, you can communicate to LabVIEW remotely with the ActiveX server interface through .NET support for COM objects. Note Creating and communicating with .NET objects in LabVIEW requires the .NET CLR 4.0 that installs with LabVIEW.

Does LabVIEW support NET Core assemblies?

LabVIEW does not support .NET Core assemblies due to the reason that LabVIEW uses the .NET Framework/CLR 4.0. LabVIEW has access to the class library assemblies associated with the .NET CLR 4.0 which installs with LabVIEW.

What version of the NET Framework does LabVIEW 2013 use?

LabVIEW 2013 uses .NET 4.0 by default, later versions of LabVIEW use more recent versions of the .NET framework by default. When loading an assembly targeted to any earlier versions of the .NET Framework, LabVIEW will automatically promote the assembly to the later version.

Is LabVIEW too complicated to use?

Unfortunately, while .NET solves many of the problems that earlier efforts to standardize sharable code exhibited, far too many LabVIEW developers feel intimidated by what they see as unmanageable complexity. The truth, however, is that there are many well-written .NET assemblies that are no more difficult to use than VI Server.

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