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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Kyiv, anyway?

The Ukrainian name Kyiv (Київ) is pronounced KIH- as in kit, yee as in yield, and ending with -eev as in Steve. Stress on the first syllable: KIH-yeev. Not “keeve,” but it may sound somewhat like that if said quickly and you don’t know what to listen for.

What is correct Kyiv or Kiev?

The Ukrainians spell it“Kyiv” in their language, and that's the version we should honour. That may be a problem for restaurant menus that still sell“Chicken Kiev”, a popular dish around the world.

Why is Kyiv and not Kiev?

Kyiv is derived from the Ukrainian language name, whereas Kiev comes from the Russian language. Kyiv was officially adopted in 1995, but Kiev is still commonly used internationally.

Why is Kiev spelled Kyiv?

“Kyiv” is a Latin version of the city’s name, translated into Ukrainian. The spelling, “Kiev,” on the other hand, is a romanization of the Russian name for the city. It became very common internationally in the 20th century.

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