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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Kratts about?

"Wild Kratts" is a children s television show like no other that teaches children all kinds of interesting information about wild animals. Two brothers, Martin and Chris and their friends go on these amazing adventures to rescue a wide variety of wild animals.

Who are the Wild Kratts?

Wild Kratts (stylized as WILD KRATTS) is an American-Canadian educational children's live-action/animated series created by Chris and Martin Kratt. The Kratt Brothers Company and 9 Story Media Group produce the show, which is presented by PBS in the United States.

Who is Chris Kratts wife?

Chris and his brother Martin have lived in Ottawa, Ontario since 2007, where they film and animate their TV series Wild Kratts. Chris has two sons, Aidan and Nolan, with his wife Tania, whom he married in 2000 in the country of Botswana.

How old are the Kratt brothers?

Chris Kratt is a 49 year old American TV Personality. Born Christopher Frederick James Kratt on 19th July, 1969 in Warren Township, New Jersey, he is famous for Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature.

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