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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is K pop so popular?

Why is K-pop so popular? K-pop – mainstream pop music from South Korea – has a distinct recipe for creating global hits. The main ingredient – a catchy hook song – gets paired with a signature dance move and is wrapped up in a flashy video. The entire package is optimized for social media, where a devoted fan base gives the song a life ...

How do Kpop started and became a trend?

Kpop is just simply Korean pop music but it is not limited to pop as there are other genres too. It all started in 1989 when Lee Soo Man founded SM Entertainment which later became one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea. In 1992, a group called Seo Taiji and Boys debuted and changed the Korean music industry.

How did Kpop start?

The first K-pop song was by Lee Jeong-suk but written by a different Korean composer in 1929. In the 1920s, Masao Koga, aJapanese composer, mixed a collection of K-pop songs with American gospel music introduced by Henry Gerhard Appenzeller in the 1880s. Several pivotal past events shaped the start of modern K-pop.

Why is K-pop so popular?

At the difference of many prejudices, K-Pop has a lot of free content easy to access online. It is popular also because it does not ask for money. Of course, some fans spend money on albums, concert tickets, and goods but they are not mandatory to like K-Pop.

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