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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of KPBSD?

KPBSD regularly practices safety drills in schools, and includes law enforcement in our ALICE trainings for school emergencies. People who care about public education can learn more about KPBSD, while assisting the school district to learn what people in our schools and community think, feel, and know.

How much does KPBS passport cost?

Members who give $60+ annually (or $5+ per month) can unlock full seasons and early binge-watching access to buzzworthy new shows with our digital membership benefit: KPBS Passport. Become a member now!

How do I apply for a job with KPBSD?

Apply Now! KPBSD seeks collaborative, dedicated, committed, educators, specialists, support staff, and substitutes who believe in student success for every learner. See all open positions and search by area, position, or school. To begin, apply online, and call 907.714.8888 if you have questions or need assistance.

Where can I find information about KPBSD covid-19 operations?

The KPBSD COVID-19 hub is your spot to find links about KPBSD COVID-19 operations, and see the KPBSD COVID-19 Risk Level DATA DASHBOARD that updates automatically with new state data.

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