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Frequently Asked Questions

Does treadmill have adverse effect on knees?

Treadmills can cause knee problems or make existing knee difficulties or pain worse. This is very much the case for people who have had surgery on their knee or have an inherent weakness in the knee. Leg cramp - This is a muscle spasm condition that can cause pain and stiffness and a treadmill can cause it.

Why are treadmills bad for your knees?

“Running on your toes means that your knee is bent to a larger degree when your foot strikes the treadmill. Therefore [it] absorbs far more force with each step. Unlike running outside, the constant pace on a treadmill is unnatural. [This] is why this prolonged stress of each step can be detrimental to your knee,” he says.

Does walking on treadmill hurt your knees?

The answer in short is no. Having the treadmill set on a low-to-zero incline is not good for your knees or legs. Studies show that tread belt propels a person forward thus people tend to land the foot in front of the body which can jam against their locked knees to cause knee injuries.

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