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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bike riding bad for your knees?

The repetitive motion of pedaling your bike without sufficient leg strength can potentially bring on knee pain and injuries. If cycling is the only exercise you get, your leg muscles are probably out of balance, with overdeveloped quadriceps and underdeveloped glutes and hamstrings.

When walking my knees start to hurt?

“If you have pain inside your knee, under your kneecap, especially when kneeling, squatting or going up and down steps, it’s usually wear-and-tear arthritis,” says Dr. Nickodem. Cartilage, the cushioning between bones, deteriorates throughout life. It can erode more quickly in some people due to injury or genetics.

Why do my knees hurt after riding?

Pain in the back: Pain behind the knee is less common than pain in the front, and is generally easier to trace back to a culprit: over-extending the knee, says Bresnick. Your saddle is too high or ...

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