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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places to visit near Klamath National Forest?

- TREES OF MYSTERY - a tourist attraction located in Klamath. $20 entrance to walk among giant redwoods and eventually take a skyline gondola to the top of the forest. - Three worthwhile Drive-Thru Trees, fun for the family and good for photos. 1. Chandelier Tree - Leggett, CA 2. Shrine Tree - Myers Flat, CA 3. Klamath, CA Tour Thru Tree

How far is Prairie Creek Redwood State Park from Klamath?

Ancient coast redwoods of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park as seen from Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. Paved; No commercial vehicles permitted. Distance & Duration: 10 miles, one way; 20-30 minutes. Directions: Signed exits off of U.S. 101 located 6 miles north of Orick, Calif. or 4 miles south of Klamath, Calif.

When was the Klamath National Forest established?

The Klamath was established on May 6, 1905. This forest includes the Kangaroo Lake and the Sawyers Bar Catholic Church is located within the boundaries of the Forest. The Forest is managed jointly with the Butte Valley National Grassland .

Where are the best redwood trees in California?

Located in Klamath, Trees of Mystery has long been a favorite roadside stop for travelers passing through the area. Boasting hiking trails, a museum, a sky trail, and other family-friendly attractions, there are a ton of ways to explore the redwood trees at this unique destination. And they just added one more!

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