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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KDP Select?

What is KDP Select? Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s powerhouse e-publishing arm, established in 2007 in tandem with its Kindle reader, and currently owns about 80% of the market. Publishing your eBook through KDP is a straightforward affair in which you upload your file and select the KDP option.

Is it possible to live from Kindle eBook publishing?

However, in the past few years, with the growing popularity of accessible independent publishing platforms such as the Amazon Kindle, anyone can show imagination, knowledge and authority in matters of his/her interest and actually make a living out of it.

How do you publish books on Kindle?

Publishing on Kindle Go to and sign in. Register your tax information. Click on “Bookshelf” and then select “Add New Title”. Fill out all necessary information about your book. Upload your book and cover file. Choose “Worldwide Rights”. Set your royalty rate. Set your price. Click Save and Publish.

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