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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on the computer keyboard?

Turn on your keyboard by pressing the On/Off button on the side of the keyboard, along the top right side. This causes your keyboard's LED to blink, indicating that it's in discoverable mode. Click the Apple icon from the top left of your Mac computer screen and then select "System Preferences.".

What does a keyboard do for a computer?

A computer keyboard is one of the primary input devices used with a computer that looks similar to those found on electric typewriters, but with some additional keys. Keyboards allow you to input letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer that can serve as commands or be used to type text.

How do you use a keyboard PC?

How to Use the Keyboard on a Computer CTRL+TAB (Move forward through the tabs) CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (Move backward through the tabs) TAB (Move forward through the options) SHIFT+TAB (Move backward through the options) ALT+Underlined letter (Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option) ENTER (Perform the command for the active option or button) See More....

How do you test a laptop keyboard?

Right-click on the listing for your computer's keyboard. Select the Scan for Hardware Changes option from the menu. The Device Manager will now test your computer's keyboard. If an error icon appears next to the listing, there is a problem with your computer's keyboard.

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