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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable keyboard backlight?

Press any key when using a backlit keyboard in darkened conditions. Some keyboards have a light sensor that detects ambient light levels in the room, automatically illuminating the keyboard when it's in use. Look at the Function keys at the top of the keyboard.

How do I turn the keyboard back light on?

To turn the keyboard back light on or off, use one of the following methods depending on your model. Press and hold the fn key and then press the space bar . Press the F5 key. On some models, the back light key is f12 .

How do I adjust my keyboard backlight?

Alternatively, click on "Start" followed by "Control Panel.". Locate the "Keyboard" settings icon under "Control Panel" and select it. Look for a tab or entry for "Keyboard backlight settings" and select it. Adjust the brightness accordingly, and click "Save" or "Apply.".

How do you turn off the backlit keyboard?

The available options are: Auto - The keyboard backlight will turn on when a key is pressed. On - The keyboard backlight stays on -- until you press Fn + Z to turn it off. Off - The keyboard backlight stays off -- until you press Fn + Z to turn it on.

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