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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Kami foodstuff?

We introduce the range of authentic Japanese food products. The growing range now includes ingredients for sushi, sauces, soups, rice and noodles. Kami Foodstuff brings the taste of Thai food product to the UAE Imported directly from Taiwan, We are offering the wide range of Thai food products.

Why choose kitkami foodstuff?

Kami Foodstuff is a service oriented company which keeps customer needs in mind at all times. Innovative glass packaging, various shapes and sizes, customized merchandising, superior client service and top class range of products.

What do the Kwamis eat?

Here is a List for the different foods that the Kwamis all eat: All Kwamis will follow their favourite food or their miraculous. Tikki: Macarons (all 7 colours) Plagg: Camembert. Nooroo: Cookies. Duusu: Seeds (wheat, pumpkin, melon, beetroot) Trixx: Sweet Berries. Wayzz: sea grass or kelp (dried too) Pollen: Honey Bottles

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