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Frequently Asked Questions

Does kama'aina have good Hawaiian food?

The family decided to stop by Kama'aina to try Hawaiian food since we miss home so much. Moved to Southern Oregon about a year and a half ago. With Covid, its not easy to return to Hawaii. So finding a place with authentic tasting food from back home is rare. However, Kama'aina has great delicious Hawaiian food!

Where are Portland’s best food carts?

For a sampling of some of the city’s best food, head to Cartopia food cart pod on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. For a taste of Portland’s legendary food-cart scene, stop by these collections of carts.

What is the best restaurant in Southeast Portland Oregon?

Southeast Portland Food Cart Pods 1 Cartopia. A favorite of late-nighters, Cartopia hosts Potato Champion, which dishes up crispy, twice-fried Belgian-style fries and gravy-doused poutine (pretty much perfect post-drinking food). 2 Hawthorne Asylum. ... 3 Portland Mercado. ...

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