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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jurong East?

Nestled in the west region of Singapore, Jurong town is geographically divided in the east and west sector. Jurong East is a quaint neighborhood of Singapore, known for some exciting tourist attractions.

What is Jurong famous for?

Jurong estate, one of the largest industrial sites (9,600 acres [3,900 hectares]) in Southeast Asia, occupies drained swampland near the mouth of the Jurong River. It has heavy and light industries and is served by access roads, a spur railway, and its own harbour. Jurong, Sing.

What is the difference between Jurong and Jurong Island?

Jurong. The coastline of the region on mainland Singapore, faces the strait of Selat Jurong, while the southernmost island of the region, Jurong Island, faces the strait of Selat Pandan.

What is the Jurong Canal?

The canal also serves as the boundary line between the towns of Jurong East and West. The highest elevation point in the region is Jurong Hill, which is located close to the centre of the industrial estate at Jurong (positioned north of Jurong Island) just adjacent to Jurong Bird Park.

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